Short Skirts and Black Cloaks: Observations on Modesty in a Modern Muslim Metropolis

Our first day in Istanbul we notice the flocks of veiled women. A modern Muslim metropolis, Istanbul boasts a dazzling variety of expressions of what constitutes appropriately modest Muslim dress. Many women wear… Continue reading

Mixing and Matching: A Look at Who Practices Multiple Religions

Mixing and Matching: A Look at Who Practices Multiple Religions.

Can a television network be a church? NPR Reports on IRS treatment of Christian television networks.

“They were LGBT”

“They were LGBT” Post-Soviet xenophobia and homophobia merge. Here’s a great resource on law and religion debates. 

Does RFRA Exempt For-Profits from Anti-Discrimination Laws?

This Tuesday the Supreme Court will hear consolidated oral arguments in two cases in which religious for-profit companies challenge the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) contraception mandate.  The ACA requires employer-sponsored health plans to provide… Continue reading

ACLU Suit Against Sabine Parish School

ACLU Suit Against Sabine Parish School Allegations that Louisiana public schools promote Christianity come as no surprise.

Little Sisters of the Poor

The Little Sisters of the Poor argue that the exemption written into the Affordable Care Act contraception mandate for religious nonprofit organizations violates their right to religious free exercise.  Yesterday the Supreme Court offered them… Continue reading

When The Right To Religion Conflicts With A Changing Society

When The Right To Religion Conflicts With A Changing Society It’s an interesting question. I think it’s a little more complicated then just that society is shifting and religious conservatives are feeling that it’s lost… Continue reading

De Facto Established Morality Yielding to Religious Diversity

So many cases have come up in the past few weeks challenging the religious establishment that enforced moral codes throughout the 19th and first half of the 20th century.  I’ve just been too… Continue reading